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SeaCode is an anonymous platform for people in the maritime industry to raise awareness 

“My boss always used to make sexual comments to me about my love life which made me really uncomfortable.”

— Deck Cadet

Image by Fredrick Filix

Lets change the world !

SeaCode is an anonymous platform for people in the maritime industry to raise awareness about the problems they face at work. These problems can be anything from sexual harassment, bullying, work conditions, homesickness or isolation. We invite you to share your stories, from past and present, no matter how big or small, to compel change in the industry.

How Your stories bring change 


Sanjam Gupta

Founder, Maritime SheEO

We ask for the maritime industry to support SeaCode which can go a long way to promote good working environment on board ships that is devoid of any harassment and bullying by bringing to light real stories of seafarers


Ayse Asli Basak

Founder, SheFarers

SeaCode is great for addressing Seafarer issues and gender imbalance in shipping. We need more and more women to be on the ships and in our ports


Shanker Pillai

Head of Innovation, Hafnia

SeaCode can provide a platform for both men and women in the maritime industry to voice out issues and bring a sustainable improvement to the industry


SeaCode was an idea proposed by seafarers who had experienced harassment and other issues first hand but felt unable to speak out. Talking to others, they realised that many people also experienced problems but didn't speak out, either because there was a culture of toleration at their work or because they feared losing their jobs.


SeaCode exists, therefore, to enable you to share your stories anonymously and speak your truth knowing that you will be heard. By speaking up you are fighting against a culture of toleration. And together, one story at a time, we can end the fear of speaking up, raise awareness about the problems we face and put a stop to workplace problems.


SeaCode also goes one step further. Once your story has been shared, it cannot be ignored. We take your stories to industry leaders and show them the types and frequency of problems you face which they otherwise wouldn't know about. Working with industry leaders, driven by your stories, we can take the right actions to create lasting change.